Proposal to Purify Progress

In 1910, Captain Robert Falcon Scott set out to discover the South Pole for the British Empire. After a tremendously tough and ill-equipped expedition, Scott and his four companions discovered the Pole only to have been surpassed by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen by a month. Scott and his men died on their journey back to base camp, where the rest of the Antarctic team was waiting on their arrival. The story leaves me bewildered by the poetic courage of humanity to explore beyond our understanding and confront the unknown, but also the ego of humanity that cost these men their lives for little gain. Antarctica was eventually deemed a wasteland and of little economic value but is considered an important environment for studying the changes to Earth.

I propose a machine for purifying such ideas of progress. Within our immediate environment of Earth, the last measure of geographical progress was the foot of man on the South Pole. My proposal involves retracing the steps of Robert Falcon Scott between Great Britain and the South Pole backwards while “injecting” the path with sounds proven to enhance abstract cognition of sentience in humans as well as effect or purify objects, emotions, or space.

A copy of the Antarctic sleeping quarters of Captain Scott on wheels would be taken by ship from the South Pole to England with radios playing static the entire time in an attempt to purify the effects of such claims to progress.